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Factory Price Electric Smart Eye Massager Hot Compress Blue-tooth Music Intelligent Under Eye Massager with Heat Eye Care Massaging Mask

1.Production plan display: interpret the spirit of craftsmanship with technology, interpret life aesthetics with quality. Production workshop,quality inspection workshop, product warehouse.

2. Intelligent eye massage: may your “view” be accompanied by my tenderness.

3.Wear better at massage and eye care: intelligently relieve fatigue,care for your eyes. Main functions, and features: massage eye care, smart music, sound switch, micro frequency vibration, constant temperature hot compress, 5 kinds mode, long-lasting endurance, 180 degree folding portable, skin-friendly breathable.

4.Why need eye massage, because of eye acupoints is an important acupoint of human. Many eye problems, like: dry eyes, dark circles, asthenopia, crow’s feet, blurred vision, serious eye bags, photophobia, screen slave.

5.Do you belong to the following groups? Are you part of the following group? Office worker, mobile party, stay up late, myopia clan.
6.Simulation kneading, acupuncture points around the eyes: artificial hand rubs the eye acupoints, relieve muscle tension.

7.Swipe to protect the eyes be quick: dry eyes and astringent eyes, one press sweeps away fatigue. Contemporary youths abuse their eyes up to 8H+ every day, keep your eyes fast in the ear of screen refreshing. The smart eye massager could KO stay up late---swipe party, computer screen---overtime party, cellphone screen---head down, night cat master---stay up late party.

8.3S~constant temperature, fast heat, hot compress to brighten panda eyes. Safe with new graphene heat-generating materials, such as towels, so warm to eliminate visual fatigue.

9.Double shock massage: new vibration mode: high frequency vibration driven by dual engines, regularly shake 9 acupuncture points around the eyes, suitable for a variety of face shapes.

10.Lightweight and beamless 24H guard, easy to carry long battery life: 180 degree free folding, adapt to various face shapes, is a small and light portable masseur, environmentally friendly lithium battery fast charge, battery life up to 2 hours.

11.Fabric upgrade, new protein leather, soft touch like a baby, only after good material comparison. Compare the ordinary flannel material, prone to allergies sweat is uncomfortable and airtight; protein leather is soft and skin-friendly, light and breathable, fit without covering sweat.

12. Five eye protection modes: hardcore technology breaks the routine, frequency conversion massage, finds the eye color: comprehensive mode: intelligent eye protection saves worry and effort (Air pressure + vibration + hot compress +music) ; clear mode: improve the eye contour and bright the eyes (air pressure + vibration + hot compress + music); sleep mode: soothing before bed, sleep till dawn (air pressure); vitality mode: revitalize the eye area and stimulate vitality (vibration + music); comfort mode: refuse to be tired and relaxed (hot compress + music).

13.Seductive, quite and not disturbing: deep and silent soothe the mind. Stressful, anxiety and irritability, stay up all night and swipe the screen, wear it. Eye color reappears, dark circles are never seen again. There is a light noise when starting to inflate, enter the massage mode.

14. In the ear of refreshing eye protector: multiple functions to satisfy you anytime, anywhere. Bluetooth music, charging endurance, folding storage, exquisite workmanship, graphene heating.

15.Smart music: built-in music, 360 degree music surround, relax. Built-in lithium battery charging: fully charged once, used for 15 minutes at a time, can last for 8 days. 3 levels of temperature adjustment: low temperature, medium temperature, high temperature, three gears, choose as you like. Skin-friendly breathable: soft touch, comfortable fit, and easy to clean!
16.Smart graphene heating: heat evenly, promote circulation around the eyes, brighten the eyes and eliminate eye circles.

Name: Eye massager,

Color: White

Brand: Ruibomei

Size: 23*16*9cm

Material: ABS environmental protection material protein leather

List: Manual/host/power cord

Charging: 2.5h

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